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Tristan Ward

I'm a freelance Web developer based in the United Kingdom.

I work predominantly with PHP and Javascript, currently specialising in the Laravel framework and Vue.js. I tell anybody who will listen about my small contribution merged into the Laravel framework!

I've spent the past 5 years building a wealth of experience working in some brilliant digital agencies and software companies around the country.

I'm always interested to hear about new projects or ideas - feel free to contact me below.


Domo Ltd
Full Stack Web Developer
AUGUST 2019 - APRIL 2020

Based in Bristol, I worked within the product team to build and support Signable - the company’s flagship eSignature software.

My time was split mostly between the Vue.js frontend application and the Lumen API layer.

Amongst other things I worked to integrate the signature software with 3rd party APIs, successfully deploying integrations with GoogleDrive, Dropbox and CapsuleCRM. To do this I built a flexible driver-based OAuth2 system in Lumen to handle authorisation and configuration with the 3rd party APIs.

AUGUST 2019 - APRIL 2020

Dewsign Ltd
Full Stack Web Developer
DECEMBER 2017 - JUNE 2019

During this period I held the position of a full stack web developer at Dewsign Ltd in Falmouth, Cornwall. With a heavy focus on back end development, I worked on a range of new and existing client projects including Content Management Systems and Ecommerce sites.

In my role at Dewsign I was also forturnate enough to be able to maintain and contribute to Open Source software. I was involved with both internal and external Open Source repositories which includes a merged contribution to the Laravel core framework.

The technologies I used at Dewsign were:

  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Laravel Nova CMS
  • Vue.js Javascript Framework
  • Tailwind utility-first CSS framework
  • Dusk browser testing
  • A range of 3rd Party APIs including Google Geoloction API, Google BigQuery API, Google Vision API, Algolia Search API, Cloudinary Images API, Workable API, API, IP Stack & IP Info API

I also wrote a blog piece about my experience supporting a long term client, which you can read when it's published on the Dewsign website.

DECEMBER 2017 - JUNE 2019

Liberty Tech Ltd
Full Stack Web Developer

I worked as a full stack web developer for Liberty Tech Ltd based in London’s West End. I worked on a wide variety of projects at Liberty Tech which allowed me to focus my technical skills in addition to gaining a lot of experience liaising with clients and designers.

The main technologies I used at Liberty Tech:

  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • MySql
  • GIT version control
  • Javascript including jQuery and Angular.js
  • Optimizely A/B testing
  • PHPUnit automated testing

During my employment with Liberty Tech the company built and released the successful PropertyData SAAS product which went on to become the primary focus of the business.



Steady The Ship
App design and build

Steady The Ship budgeting app

I designed and built this application as a personal project because I wanted an easy way to keep track of my personal finances. This is an ongoing project which often gets new features added.

The project is built with the Laravel PHP framework, using Vue.js and Tailwind CSS on the front end. It has full multi-user authentication so please feel free to register an account and have a play.
Steady The Ship budgeting app

Laravel Workable Package
Laravel package build and publish

Tristanward LaravelWorkable Package

I created a Laravel wrapper for the Workable API to get vacancies from a Workable account and integrate them into a Laravel site.

The package allows the developer to easily use the Workable API and cache vacancies locally to reduce calls to the API and improve page load speed.
Tristanward/LaravelWorkable Package

Tinygram Laravel Package
Laravel package build and publish

Tristanward/Tinygram Laravel Package

I wrote and released a Laravel package to pull images from an Instagram feed into a Laravel site.

The Tinygram package allows Instagram posts to be cached locally to reduce calls to the API. To achieve this Tinygram includes a Laravel migration and console command which can be scheduled to periodically re-cache new Instagram posts.

Tinygram also includes a Laravel facade to make using the package really simple. I have used Tinygram on this website to pull in my Instagram feed below.
Tristanward/Tinygram Laravel Package

Body and Mind Shiatsu, Falmouth
CMS and site design and build

Body and Mind Shiatsu Site Logo

I put together a basic Laravel CMS from scratch to manage page content and users. This CMS can easily be rolled out to create brochure style sites and give the owner the freedom to make changes to thier website.

An example of this is the Body and Mind Shiatsu Falmouth site which uses the CMS I built to allow the owner to manage page layout, site content and SEO details.

I intend to carry on building out CMS functionality as and when required, pulling the core CMS platform into all sites using the CMS.
Body and Mind Shiatsu Site Logo

Low Conformists Ltd
Site design and build

Low Conformists

A modified car club in Dorset needed a small website put together to showcase their club and point people towards their online store.

This websites provides an online presence for the club and an easy way for potential members to get in touch.
Low Conformists


BSc Computer Science - 2.1 (Hons)
The University of Sheffield

I studied a wide variety of theoretical and practical Computer Science modules which have given me a strong technical foundation and furthered my ability to quickly learn new technogies when appropriate.

SEPTEMBER 2008 - JUNE 2011